DEK Aoyama


ModuleX® lighting was selected for fresh produce restaurant DEK Aoyama, a new business launched in Aoyama by the long-established fresh produce wholesaler Funasho to let many people know the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables.

On the first floor is DEK KITCHEN, an expansive restaurant having unity between indoor and outdoor seating; and on the second floor is DEK DINING, which offers full-course meals in a premium space inspired by cruise dining, as suggested by part of their names, "DEK," which means ship deck.

The first floor features soft lighting from ball-shaped pendant lights to create a lively atmosphere. To make the presence of the pendant lights outstanding and make food and the display case look attractive as well, we used our smallest ModuleX®60 downlights, which do not have much of a presence, and our trimless frame, which gives a sharp impression for lighting fixtures. These make the space look as if it consists of only pendant lights, with the tables and display case standing out, especially after sunset.

We also used our proprietary lighting design technique Spectrum Design® to achieve both a nice quiet light color for dining and a light color that makes fresh produce conspicuous.
A whitish spectrum was chosen only for the fresh produce display case next to the island kitchen, to enhance bright colors so that fruits and vegetables look more delicious.

The stairs with lights reminiscent of a real ship take customers to the second floor, which is filled with a calm atmosphere created by dark-colored wood.
To offer an enjoyable time and space for full-course meals, we used our independently developed lighting design technique, Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range®, to verify where and how much brightness balancing was needed in the space.
The light focusing on the chef's kitchen—the core of the restaurant—is designed to accentuate the lively atmosphere, while the light around the dining tables is soft and calm.
With modulated light, the second floor offers a more extraordinary space than the first floor.

Our lighting environment control technology ModuleX® Controls creates an appropriate lighting environment, as time and season change while controlling the illumination balance according to the time of the day. This space allows customers to feel comfortable and enjoy the live kitchen and seasonal fresh produce whenever they visit.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference DEK Aoyama
Interior Design BaNANA OFFICE INC.
ModuleX solution
Senior Lighting designer Yukari Nagao
Lighting planner Mai Amo
System Integration Toshiaki Sone
Key Products For downlight、ModuleX60、ModuleX80
Address Grasseria Aoyama, 5-4-41 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-6803-8507