Kashiwabara Corporation's Iwakuni Head Office


ModuleX® was selected for the renovation of Kashiwabara Corporation's Iwakuni Head Office in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Starting from the core business of painting, Kashiwabara Corporation has expanded its line of business into new fields such as infrastructure maintenance business, construction business relating to the renovation of public and historic buildings, and other businesses that cater to the various needs of offices, shops and residences.
Under the motto since their foundation, "putting ourselves in our customer's shoes", Kashiwabara Corporation continues to support the different values of buildings.

For this renovation project, we received a request from Kashiwabara to create a vibrant and sophisticated office space that can be customized by the employees themselves. Therefore, we created a lighting plan that used spotlights with removable fixtures with mounting devices ideally suited to each of the locations.

For the entrance and showroom areas on the first floor, LINEAR ModuleX® was selected because it can be operated easily due to the use of spotlights that are fixed in place with magnets and lighting fixtures that are stored in the ceiling, achieving both sophisticated appearance and functionality.
In addition, by using our original lighting design method, Time Sequence Design®, and the lighting environment control technology, ModuleX® Controls, we created a lighting environment where visitors feel comfortable regardless of time, in a space filled with abundant natural light.

In the office area, we used nuanced brightness to create a vibrant atmosphere.
On desktop areas, uncomfortable and unnecessary brightness is reduced with our proprietary glare control technology, and at the same time, our foundation spotlights that spread light widely provide uniform brightness required for desk jobs. For passageways, we used our original Dynamic Lighting Design® method to create effective shadows, giving some dynamism to a generally static space.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Kashiwabara Corporation's Iwakuni Head Office
Project Owner Kashiwabara Corporation's
ModuleX solution
Lighting designer Shoichi Kumasaka
System integration Toshiaki Sone
Key Products ModuleX80、NEO DOWNLIGHT/ModuleX LINEAR Mounting
Address 1-5-16 Yamate-cho, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi
Phone 0827-22-1255
URL https://www.kashiwabara.co.jp/