Hetsu-miya Prayer Hall of Munakata Taisha Shrine


ModuleX® was selected to illuminate the new Hetsu-miya Prayer Hall
of Munakata Taisha Shrine, which is part of the Sacred Island of
Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region,
a Cultural World Heritage Site.

To address the desire “to create a prayer hall that
will be loved for a long time to come,” we used our original
Lighting Modulation in Viewing Angle Range®lighting design
method to devise a lighting plan that utilizes a minimal number of
lighting devices to create a light environment that psychologically
enhances the devotional experience of worshipers.

For the prayer hall, we opted to use our linear LED ConsciLed® lights
together with our smallest ModuleX®60 downlights, which are equipped
with optical design technology that limits glare to an absolute minimum.
This adds dramatic effect and draws the eyes of worshipers to the
windows, while lending the lighting fixtures an almost invisible presence.
Like this,the illumination design allows worshipers to look up naturally
to pay respects to the sacred object of devotion.

The entire space is pervaded by a harmonious blend of natural and
artificial light thanks to our ModuleX® Controls lighting environment
control technology.
Using our original Lighting Realization® lighting design method,
we repeatedly verified the optimal balance between natural light flowing
in from outside and artificial light, to imbue the hall with a sense of
solemnity. The end result is a space of great serenity, perfectly suited
to the performance of Shinto rituals.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Hetsu-miya Prayer Hall of Munakata Taisha Shrine
ModuleX solution
Modulex Inc. Ryohei Koyama
Photograph Satoshi Ikuma (TechniStaff)
Key Products Lighting Tools、MOD's、ModuleX60、ModuleX80
Address 2331 Tajima, Munakata City, Fukuoka
URL https://munakata-taisha.or.jp/