ModuleX products were adopted by Mr. Makoto Tanijiri for
his own residence “HOUSE T” which was designed by himself.

Complying with client’s request of lighting environment in consideration
of shading, ModuleX planned to produce the space where people
gather, talk, and take a rest, with the soft light gradation and the
natural intonation.

The dining room and the kitchen are the space where daylight
comes in from outside and the light concentrates on people’s
hand at night, as luminance balance and atmosphere of the room
are changing between day and night By our original illumination design
technique “Sanity Lighting”, it makes light rays focus on furniture,
brings about variations of light intensity, and adjust the balance of
lighting so that people can spend the time slowly sitting around
the fireplace.

Using the various lens filters with lighting quality conversion realizes
the various expression by one spotlight


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference HOUSE T
Client MMP-060S/3H|MMP-060S/5H
Lighting Design Modulex Inc. Yukari Nagao
Photograph toshiyuki yano photography
Key Products ModuleX60