Artizon Museum


The Bridgestone museum has renewed and reopened as “Artizon Museum” on Jaunuary 18 th , 2020 and they has adopted ModuleX products.

We provided the lighting design showing off the building design which takes advantage of the spacious stairwell and the natural light.

Our original methods of lighting design were combined multiply in order to produce the lighting environment which makes someone feel the changes of the nature.

To funish the space which user can feel comfortable, we used beautiful “Gradation Lighting” for the floor, the wall, and the ceiling, and constructed the sensitivity of the light by “Time Sequence Design” in order to balance with the nature light changing by time.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Artizon Museum
ModuleX solution
ModuleX Inc. Kazuhiro Shikata
Photograph Satoshi Asakawa
Key Products For downlight、GRID Fine liner、ModuleX100、ModuleX130
Address 1-7-2, Kyobashi, Chuo Ku, Tokyo To, Japan