The Royal Park Iconic Osaka-Midosuji


In March 2020, “The Royal Park Iconic Osaka Midosuji” was opened on the upper floors of the “Orbic Midosuji Building” in Osaka, and ModuleX products are used.

The lobby with a panoramic view of Osaka City has a lighting design that balances with natural light in the day time and harmonizes with the night view in the night time to enhance the luxurious time spent at the hotel.

At the executive lounge for the guests who are staying on the 24th and 25th floors, you can spend your time as you wish, such as enjoying the meals or meeting, while enjoying the views of the higher floors.

ModuleX hardware technology makes the space even richer by adding the time sequence design.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference The Royal Park Iconic Osaka-Midosuji
Interior Design ILYA Corporation.
Lighting Design ModuleX Inc. Keita Morikawa
Photograph Nacása & Partners Inc.
Key Products ModuleX100、ModuleX60、ModuleX80
Address O-bikkumidousuzi Bld., 4-2-3, Hiranomachi, Osaka Shi Chuo Ku, Osaka Fu, 541-0046, Japan
Phone 81 6-4707-1111