Quoine Corp.


ModuleX’s products were used in the relocation project of Liquid by Quoine, a crypto trading platform operated by Quoine Corp in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo, Japan.

In a space where the entire floor can be seen and where there is no partitions such as walls, we proposed a lighting design where different illuminance and color temperature is used for each space’s purpose, which solved the problems of having to integrate the role of each space with the overall space.

As this is an office where people come and go around the clock, we provided a control system that optimizes the illuminance balance based on the transition of season and time.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference Quoine Corp.
Designer UltraStudio + QUMA
Photograph Jan Vranovský
Key Products Lighting Tools、ModuleX80
Address Kyobashi edoguran19F 2-2-1 kyobashi chu-o-ku tokyo
URL https://quoine.com/