Our ModuleX products were installed in “COEDA HOUSE” which was opened in Akao Herb&Rose Garden in Atami, Shizuoka.
Mr. Kengo Kuma, the world-renowned architect, designed COEDA HOUSE.
The pile of 1,500 Alaska cedar trees whose age is over 800 years old in 49-layer expresses the trunk of 1 big tree.
This exterior is all covered by glass, so people can enjoy the special time by viewing the seasonal flowers and the ocean.
【Feature of Lighting Design】
In order to make the details of the architecture itself stood out, the minimum pcs of our ModuleX downlights are installed in the characteristic wooden frame ceiling, which is not only inconspicuous but also achieves the provision of appropriate brightness and light effects.
In addition, for the lighting concept after sunset, the appropriate illuminance balance between the natural light and the artificial light is focused on to realize the characteristic lighting filtering through the wooden frame ceiling.
Based on it, we repeated the lighting analysis and the check of lighting design from the beginning of the design process, executing the multiple simulations such as the mock-up demonstration.

【Feature of Lighting Fixtures Installed】
「Provision of light of high quality」
ModuleX deep reflector which is designed by unique optical technologies enables to provide the appropriate light throughout the aiming range and cut the unnecessary brightness and glare. It contributes to the prominent lighting effects.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference COEDA HOUSE
Designer Kengo Kuma & Associates
ModuleX solution
MouleX SR Katsumasa Asada
Photograph Kawasumi・Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office
Key Products ModuleX100、ModuleX80
Address 1027-8 Within Akao Herb & Rose Garden, Kamitaga, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0101
Phone 0557-82-1221
Hours 9:00~16:00(17:00閉門)