Our ModuleX products were installed in “THE IMPREST TAKANAWA”, the new high-end condominium whose owner is Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation.
Under the design concept of “traditional and modern”, this residence embodies the tradition inherited in the upper-class residential area (former Takanawa-Minami cho) and the evolution outstood in and around Shinagawa station.

【Feature of Lighting Design】
This lighting design focus on the realization of the high-class space atmosphere which Takanawa area has.
For that, the use of our ModuleX downlights successfully makes the existence of the lighting fixtures inconspicuous, bringing the elegant space impression as if only indirect lighting was there.
In addition, the time sequence lighting is also designed.
Considering the sun light through the windows in daytime and a variety of scenes in night time, the necessary and appropriate lighting is automatically and continuously provided hour by hour.

【Feature of Lighting Fixtures Installed】
「Creation of the simplest ceiling impression」
The combined use of the trim-less frame and chrome cone enables to hide the existence of the lighting fixture as much as possible. Our ModuleX downlights can achieve both being inconspicuous and the provision of the necessary light effects, which creates the space of high quality with the impression remoted from daily life.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Owner Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation
Design and Construction Takenaka Corporation
Photograph MIYAGAWA Corp.
Key Products For downlight、ModuleX100、ModuleX60、ModuleX80
Address Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo