KIX DUTY FREE Main Building South and North Stores


“KIX DUTY FREE”, a duty-free store in Kansai International Airport, was refurbished and reopened on March 31, 2015. ModuleX products were installed in this new duty-free shop.

The duty-free store carries a wide variety of items such as cosmetics and perfumes of famous brands, alcohol, tobacco, confectionaries and souvenirs. A sense of unity was achieved in the entire store by suitably arranging brightness and color temperature of the lighting apparatus installed in the shop.

In particular, ModuleX’s original and integral optical technology creates beautiful gradation in the cosmetics section, enhancing skin complexion of customers. This has increased the enjoyment of their shopping experience.

Also, our lighting design and technology were fully implemented to produce aesthetic environment by making subtle adjustments to the intensity of illuminance in the store while using lights in the hallways as a brightness standard.


Product specification sheet

Project DATA

Project Reference KIX DUTY FREE Main Building South and North Stores
Design and Construction NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Photograph Shimomura Photo Office Inc
Key Products ModuleX130
Address International Gate, Terminal 1 Bldg. Kansai International Airport
Senshu Kukou Kita 1, Izumisano City, Osaka-fu, 549-0001, Japan
Phone +81-72-455-4195