Technical lighting fixtures

A line of functional lighting fixtures are organized in a wide variety and luminous flux levels. They exhibit a high degree of modularity to support professional work of architects and lighting designers. They are also easily adjustable to accommodate different purposes and structural state of the building.


Classification of ModuleX lighting

We classify our lighting functions based on human psychology and purpose of the space.
With an application of stage lighting techniques, ModuleX lighting is precisely defined depending on its roles.



    FOUNDATION beautifully balances the lighting, giving a final touch to the lighting design.
    It adjusts an overall balance by making subtle correction to the uneven luminosity on horizontal surfaces.

  • WALL


    WALL is the light emitted on vertical surfaces that enter people’s sight the most.
    Smooth and beautiful gradation and high diffusibility are required in order to enhance the depth and expanse of the space,



    PICK UP is the light that highlights certain objects.
    Clear contrast and accurate directional light distribution are required to draw attention to a specific point.

ModuleX’s original optical technology

ModuleX continues its pursuit of original optical design development.
In order not to interfere with the details of building and room design, we develop optical control devices that can create highly even and beautiful gradation all by ourselves.
With an aim to control luminous flux emitted from its light source and to optimize energy efficiency, we pay our utmost attention to every details of our products. LED is positioned in the deepest part of our device and the device uses the reflector with optical curves which utilize ModuleX’s unique definite integral methods.

ModuleX’s original optical technology

Changeability of ModuleX products

Versatile ModuleX’s products accommodate various needs of each case
With “ModuleX Filter lighting” you can change the type of lighting even after the installation is complete. Unlike some diffusion filters that immensely decrease the efficiency of devices or Fresnel lenses that seep out or refract light and change the color of light, our lenses are designed with complex mechanisms and precision. In order to minimize the loss of device’s efficiency after setting a filter, we’ve adopted new materials and technology and have developed ultrathin precision lens filters.
Our product development is aimed to continually evolve standardized platforms. Therefore, we are able to correspond to the changes in atmosphere over a long period time simply by changing lighting equipment while using the same mounting devices.

Changeability of ModuleX products

Systemization of lighting – ModuleX’s platform development

We systemize a wide variety of detailed lighting functions with simple structure and components.
As if an artist uses different types paint brushes, we would like to have our products utilized to generate delicate lighting presentation. With this in mind, we’ve systematically classified our lighting according to its function, size and lumen level.
Why do you need thick catalogs listing products in an unorganized manner?
ModuleX’s downlight and spotlight equipment are standardized using two basic platform designs of two specific features. Our products are able to accommodate all sorts of light sources such as different LED chips of various companies. We never fail to observe the fundamentals of lighting. Our philosophy is to create products that fit in the buildings and rooms even better over a long period of time.

ModuleX product safety

We take safety very seriously for our clients to continue enjoy using our products for a long time.
We do not just rely on installation, construction nor the regulations laid down by the industry. We have our own strict safety standards and our products are manufactured accordingly.

  • Safety mounting

    The fixture is tightly fastened for all who perform work.
    It is designed to support up to 36 kg, causing no damage to the ceiling.

    Safety mounting
  • Safety wire

    The fixture has an anti-drop wire in case of emergencies.

    Safety wire
  • International standard

    Instead of following ambiguous industry standards, we have established our own standards that are accepted by global industrial markets

    International standard
  • Air intake

    The fixture promotes air convection in the ceiling to prevent dust from accumulating and causing smoke.

    Air intake
  • Safety connector

    The fixture's wires are all connected via the connectors to prevent contact failure due to faulty installation.

    Safety connector

ModuleX’s quality standard

  • Made in TOKYO

    All ModuleX lighting products using the finest optical technology are continued to be developed and manufactured at our own factory. (ModuleX factory:Katsushika-ku, Tokyo)

    Made in TOKYO
  • 100% inspection

    All electric components are inspected prior to the assembly steps.

  • ModuleX Green technologies

    Above all aspects, products are designed with flexibly adjustable features and high durability for long-term use. In addition, we select reusable materials and packages to help reduce the burden on global environment.

  • Quality assurance

    Beyond the industry standards, we offer quality assurance based on engineering evidence found through our own inspection and detailed analysis.