• ModuleX Special Lecture for The University of Electro-Communications
  • 2015.03.16
  • With an aim to support students, ModuleX invited and provided a special lecture on January 15th, 2015 to graduate school students who are taking classes on “LED – advanced study of solid state lighting engineering” lectured by Kazuo Uchida Ph.D. (in engineering), an associate professor of The University of Electro-Communication Graduate School Information Engineering Science Department.

    ModuleX gave a lecture on practical applications of solid state lighting sources in the society to those students who conduct research on LED as well as fundamental semiconductor science at school.
    They experienced “the lighting that calls forth people’s emotions” which we continue to pursue and had lively discussion on its details.

    ModuleX keeps providing a number of opportunities for students to experience various professional works.
    In case those who are involved in educational/academic organization have interest in ModuleX student-support programs, please feel free to contact us.

    The inquiry form can be downloaded here

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