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  • 2014.06.17
  • DESIGNING Exhibition is a design event started in Fukuoka, Kyushu in 2005 in order to introduce the interest of designs concerning daily lives and provide an opportunity to enjoy such designs.
    “DESIGNING Exhibition 2014: DESIGNING?2014” was again held in Fukuoka from May 9th till May 18th this year.
    Our Fukuoka sales office was provided as one of the exhibition galleries.

    The whole town of Fukuoka is dedicated for DESIGNING Exhibition and a number of exhibition halls are found in the area.
    An exhibition by interior & product design TGD was held at ModuleX Fukuoka sales office for 6 days.
    Approximately 200 people visited during the event.
    In particular, both our existing clients and potential customers who were not so familiar with ModuleX visited our office.
    We once again managed to present ModuleX as the origin of design trend.

    We asked Mr. Gaku Takasu of interior & product design TGD about the concept of this year’s exhibition.
    - I’ve exhibited my work at DESIGNING Exhibition since its first event held back in 2005.
    As this is the 10th milestone year of the event, I looked back on my past 10years of work.
    I exhibited my utmost professional work here in Fukuoka by fully displaying both original drawings of design ideas, prototypes, keywords, sketches as well as new designs.
    “SURFACE OF THE WATER”, which displays the ripple of water on the ceiling, was highly rated in 2008.
    I wanted to re-exhibit this piece of work at the last DESIGNING Exhibition and I asked ModuleX for support to provide a space and lighting equipment.

    Mr. Takasu remarked that he as a designer was not only impressed with the lighting effect ModuleX products could create but also with the beautiful form of equipment itself.

    “DESIGNING Exhibition2014: DESIGNING?2014”
    Period: May 9th, 2014 – May 18th, 2014
    interior & product design TGD Exhibition Hall:
    ModuleX Inc. Fukuoka Sales Office
    1-8-30-1 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka 810-0041, Japan

    interior & product design TGD
    Address: 502 M・FLAT Yakuin, 4-3-25 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka 810-0022, Japan
    Phone: +81 92 534-1773
    Fax: +81 92 985-0369

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