• Recognized by IES Progress Report 2019
  • 2019.08.10
  • Thanks to your support, ModuleX became the first lighting fixture
    manufacturer in Japan to be recognized by the IES Progress Report
    for two consecutive years.

    The IES Progress Report is recognized by the IES (Illuminating Engineering
    Society of North America), lighting authority of the world established in 1906
    and with more than 100 years of history.

    The “ModuleX PRISM Platform”, recognized by the IES Progress Report 2019,
    is a series of our brand new model which pursued lighting effects that can
    only be achieved in the LED era.
    The ModuleX PRISM Platform was developed with the aim of compositing overflowing
    gradation to make lighting design of space beautiful and rich.
    LED is a light source which is overwhelmingly suitable for gradation as compared
    to conventional light sources. To make the quality of light even more beautiful,
    the light irradiated comes from the light distributed by the reflector (our original
    technology) inside of the lighting fixture. We hope you’ll be looking forward to it.

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