• “GINZA SIX” won the Award of Merit in 2018 IES Illumination Awards
  • 2018.08.10
  • “GINZA SIX” won the Award of Merit in 2018 IES Illumination Awards
    sponsored by Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES).
    IES Illumination Awards are international lighting design awards
    sponsored by IES, the renowned authority of the lighting,
    and the specialties, ingenuities and originalities of
    the lighting designs are evaluated.
    The Award of Merit is awarded to the lighting design which
    made a substantial contribution in the project.


    GINZA SIX,located in the exclusive area of Ginza,is Japan’s largest and 
    highest-class commercial retail complex.
    In its design,which Japanese traditional culture attributes are brought into the
    commercial space,it functions as a new entry way to Ginza.
    ModuleX’ lighting objective was to realize the concept that light is 
    spread throughout like a wind. To make the sophisticated interior design stand out,
    our lighting successfully provides the necessary illuminance, creating the lighting
    atmosphere as if only the indirect lighting is present.
    In addition, our LED lighting, which considers both the time sequence and 
    the patrons movement, can produce the appropriate lighting scenes, 
    preventing the waste of energy.
    The most remarkable lighting space is the stairwell of 16M which is the starting 
    point of the patrons movement. Our lighting fixtures, consisting of specific 
    optical technologies to control the glare and the light distribution, enable 
    long distance focused illumination. . The synergy of lighting function and 
    indirect lighting contributes to meet both the sales and design requirements 
    of this high-end retail space.
    With consideration to the illumination requirements and the elimination 
    of unnecessary glare, the appropriate lighting effect is realized in every area.

    Project name:GINZA SIX
    Interior design:Gwenael Nicolas(CURIOSITY INC.)
    Management: GINZA SIX Retail Management Co., Ltd.(Commercial facility)
    Photo:Satoshi Shigeta

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