• Announcement of the ModuleX Inc. New Structural Management System 
  • 2017.04.01
  • We are pleased to announce that ModuleX Inc. has completed the preparation for the third medium-term management plan for the fiscal year of 2017 beyond by advancing the development of the new platform, the challenge of going into the new market, and the development of each branch. In order to execute the plan for sure, we started the new structural management system with the objective of elevating the value of "the integrated lighting solutions" in the market as well as operational reforms and maximization of the efficiency of the company activities and the working-style reforms..

    ModuleX Inc. List of Directors 

    Board of Directors

     Managing Director      Goro Terumichi     Chairman and CEO

     Director        Minoru Katsuhara

     Director        Akihiro Suga

     Director        Hirokazu Aizawa

     Director        Ryuichi Yamazaki    Senior Adviser

     Auditor         Masayuki Haraguchi    (Attorney, C.P.A)

     Auditor         Masayuki Maekawa      (C.P.A , L.T.A)

    Executive Officers

     President               Goro Terumichi     (Managing Director)

     Senior Executive Officer        Minoru Katsuhara   (Managing Director)

    【Sales division】

     Senior Executive Officer         Akihiro Suga   (Managing Director)

     Executive Officer            Norio Ishiwata

     Executive Officer            Yoshinori Kurita

     Executive Officer            Kazushi Kawakami

     Executive Officer            Daisuke Sakai

     Operational officer           Shinji Umino

     Operational officer           Masahiko Kobayashi

     Operational officer           Shinji Yamaki

    【Production division】

     Executive Officer            Yasuhito Suzue

     Executive Officer            Satoshi Eguchi

    【Administration division】

     Executive Officer            Hiirokazu Aizawa   (Managing Director)

     Executive Officer            Takayasu Hatta

     Executive Officer            Mariko Ai

    Inquiry: Public Relations Department

    Tel: +81-3-5768-3105


    New Structural Management System
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