• Notification of opening of Global Head Office and Solution Office
  • 2016.07.05

    We are pleased to announce that ModuleX Inc. Global Head Office, located at 1F/B1F/B2F, #21 Arai Bldg, 1-20-6 Ebisu-Minami Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, has started its operation from June 5th, 2016 upon completion of renovation and expansion of the area to double.

    Commemorating our 40th anniversary in 2013, we determined to take on a new challenge to demonstrate our second foundation of the company.

    From commercial industry to architectural industry, and from Japanese market to global market, we are expanding our field to meet our customers’ needs as a “Comprehensive Light Solutions Company.”

    With the aim of establishing a company specialized in lighting, we have renovated and expanded our Global Head Office to experience our concept of “Light and feelings.”

    At our Global Head Office, we present our new approach to office space and environment with use of lights including “SPACE DESIGN” by the Japanese renowned architect, Mr. Kengo Kuma, “ 5m ×17m SPACIOUS WALL BOOKSHELF LIBRARY” with books selected by Mr. Seigo Matsuoka from Editorial Engineering Laboratory, office area designed by Mr. Teruhisa Matsumoto from RIC DESIGN Inc., and “THEATER ROOM” as a place of people gathering and accumulated wisdom.


    Floor Directory

    1F) Head Office

    B1F) Project room / social lounge

    B2F) Library / Archives / Theater

        Lighting modulation room / Hardware solution department

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