• 19th Komatsu Townscape Award (Night Scenery Division) Aeon Mall New Komatsu
  • 2018.02.14
  • Aeon Mall New Komatsu received the 19th Komatsu Townscape Award (Night Scenery Division).
    ModuleX lighting fixtures are installed widely from the down lights under the eaves at the main entrance to the upper lights at the outer walls and above the eaves.
    It was our great honor to participate the project to create the scenery that matches surrounding townscape.

    Awarded project: Aeon Mall New Komatsu
    Owner: Aeon Mall Co., Ltd.
    Designer: Kajima Design
    Contractor: Kajima Corporation
    Location: Okishuhen Tochikukakuseirichi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture, 923-8565, Japan

    □ About Komatsu Townscape Award Organizer
    Komatsu Townscape Award Committee The Komatsu Townscape Award is established to improve the townscape of Komatsu-shi and also to improve the consciousness of the citizens on the town development.
    It is awarded to the people who are involved in the constructions which contribute to the superior townscape development matching with the nature and climate of Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture.
    In the Night Scenery Division of the Komatsu Townscape Award, the night scenery, which matches the characteristics of the area, such as nature and history is chosen.

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